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GridIron: Peer-to-Peer Compute Sharing Network.

Seamlessly integrate digital content into your physical world by turning any device
into a supercomputer through the GridIron network

Buy And Sell Computing Power

The metaverse means that consumers have an entire digital world at their fingertips with augmented reality, but in order to properly interact with virtual content in the real world, users must have access to high levels of compute power.

GridIron is a patented dynamic peer-to-peer compute resource sharing network that allows users to buy and sell computing power from each other using the cryptocurrency Carbon12. Think of GridIron acting as the jumper cables between millions of devices, where devices in need of power can pull resources from devices that aren’t using their full capacity. In this way, the network harnesses the power of the Metaverse and gives it directly to the user, by opening the door to a world where you can interact with digital content the same way you interact with the physical world and profit while doing it.

gridiron’s FEATURES

The GridIron Network Revolutionizes the Computing World and Paves the Way for Metaverse Capabilities Within Every User Device. The Following Features Allow Users to Interact With Augmented Reality Content in Real Time Using Convenient Devices Like Smartphones or Smart-Glasses.

Data Ownership

While cloud computing has put data centers into the hands of only a few institutions, GridIron restores users to their rightful position of ownership over their data by creating the opportunity for them to profit off of unused resources.

GridIron will never exploit a user’s data for profit. You have the power to select which resources you sell, and we respect that.

Micro-elastic computing

Current grid computing protocol requires that nodes on the network devote their resources entirely to supercomputing calculations. GridIron is a need-based network that only pulls unused resources from other user’s devices, so that users can profit off of GridIron sharing while scrolling on social media, sending an email, or even while their phones are sitting unused.

GridIron can intuitively determine which devices on the network can best fulfill computing requests based on their location, pricing, and available computing resources. This reduces latency, and delivers the quickest feedback for the lowest price, so that users can experience the metaverse in real time.

Automatic Secure Settlement

GridIron gives you the power to decide how much you buy/sell your device’s CPU for. When you need extra computing power, simply send a request to the network, and it will find other registered devices with available resources for the desired price and automatically create a settlement. The network does all the work, so that you can accumulate Carbon12 just by having a connected device.

GridIron’s use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology ensures that transactions are secure and transparent, so that profit from your resources always goes in your wallet.


Development of GridIron begins

Launch of first GridIron 1.0 client within HolARgram

Opening GridIron 1.0 for third party use on iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux throughout the year

Our Other WEb3 Projects

Gravity Jack has partnered with Forum12 to develop multiple projects in the Web3 space that contribute to the GridIron network.


HolARgram is a Web3 social network that utilizes Carbon12 for an innovative NFT liking system and serves as a hosted wallet for Carbon12. HolARgram will be the first GridIron client upon its launch in 2023.


Carbon12 is the cryptocurrency used for the purchase and sale of computing resources on the GridIron network.

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